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The Seminar  – ‘Fitness Vs Vanity’

When I rewind 5 years ago when I started to lift weights, what was my motivation, who did I idolise or did I start this process just for me, to get fit and healthy?

I want to take this opportunity for you to go on a journey with me, going right back to the start of your fitness path and remember the initial motivator that encouraged you to make a change in your lifestyle.  Compare that to your current motivation; has it changed, has your goal changed? Being fit and healthy has its advantages but are we more driven by vanity?  Today’s fitness industry has exploded with pressures from within the gym, main stream television and social media icons. Our main purpose to beast ourselves in the gym has taken a new direction.  But I ask, is it necessarily a bad idea that vanity makes us fit?

We will dive into the statement ‘Fitness for health, or Fitness for Vanity?’
  • How has fitness changed through the decades
  • Who and what are our key motivators
  • Can you reach satisfaction
  • Are your goals feasible and realistic
  • Compromising health for vanity
  • Is it ever too late to reassess your fitness journey
Listen to my story throughout this seminar and learn from my past mistakes. Use the information to assess your current journey and ensure that you are building a better version of yourself that is versatile and sustainable.

Are we ever satisfied with our bodies?

Being a woman has its troubles, we are hormonal, our bodies react differently to men, and weight loss can be harder at certain times of the month. What can we do to ensure that our natural hormones stay in sync all year round? I want to share my knowledge as an athlete and a mother of one, on how to cope with being woman during training and following a healthy lifestyle
Key topics to be covered:
  • The reality of monthly hormone changes and how this impacts training and mood
  • What exercise is best to change your shape, especially stubborn areas
  • Natural supplements I find essential to us women
  • Pressures from around us and within us
  • Are cheat meals necessary

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