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12029547_10153572256966291_6530249201622888604_oPersian born, British grown, 29 year old IFBB PRO bodybuilder and heavyweight British title holder. Been lifting weights since I was 14, picked up and dropped various sports along the way. Currently focused and very driven on becoming the best bodybuilder in Britain and then onto being a successful IFBB professional. Manage a family owned burger franchise for financial support. Apart from bodybuilding and work, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, family and my dog. Love watching movies and going out to a nice place to eat when I can.

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: More then a single athlete inspires me. But if I had to pick one that has inspired me the most it has to be Jay Cutler. Both in and out of the gym he has excelled through years of consistent hard work and a strong smart mindset. True gentleman and embassador of the sport and someone to look up to in every way as both family man, business man and bodybuilder.

12039573_10152997858672294_1506013467092383612_nNutrition Principles: for me, high protein intake, moderate carbohydrates and lower fats work best. 6-7 meals per day and a cheat meal when needed. I believe in simple, basic, healthy and balanced way of eating. Picking foods that work best for the individual according to their goals. Feeding the machine everything it needs to preform at it’s fullest in the gym and look it’s best on stage.

Training Principles: Generally in the gym I shoot for around 20 sets per muscle group, 6-10 rep range, 4-7 exercises, and usually training each muscle once every 5-7 days. Also rest days worked in once or twice weekly. Basic exercises always come first for me. Listening to the body and following your own instinct will help a long way in the gym. Trial and error in figuring out what works best in tune with how the body feels is important too.

Current Goals: win the overall at the UKBFF British finals and attain IFBB pro status. Help Anabolic Designs grow with me as I work my way up the pro ranks and establish myself in the USA > ACHIEVED!

My Motivation: I truly love bodybuilding and I believe I have what it takes to make it to the top stages in the sport. The motivation to get up daily eat, train, rest, do my cardio, get on stage, win or lose, all comes to me as easy and breathing because I love every step of the way and I do it for myself and the people that mean the most to me in my life.

Favourite AD Supplements and Why: Aminotaur because I am a huge advocate of amino acids, it plays a huge roll in both my off season and pre contest dieting phases with it’s highly dosed bcaa’s and eaa’s it helps my recovery, strength and endurance in the gym, fat burning and muscle retaining whist dieting down and of course it tastes great. Grazed comes a close second for it’s big health and well being benefits being a super food, helps me in so many ways like liver and kidney health, immune boost, energy boosts, skin, detox to name a few. Also it’s lovely flavours that make it a pleasure to drink.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. Fully qualified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Specialities: eating lots of food and training hard in the gym

Favourite Quote: “Don’t regret the past, don’t fear the future”

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