Noel Smyth & Andrea Sheppard Present: Hormones



Noel Smyth & Andrea Sheppard Present: Hormones: the role they play in female fat loss The endocrine system in tandem with the nervous system work to coordinate all systems of the body. While the nervous system works rapidly, the endocrine system works more slowly and is responsible for the regulation of longer term processes. It does this through the release of chemical mediators ‘hormones’. These chemical messengers circulate in the blood and come into contact with every cell of the body, but only exert their effect on specific ‘target’ cells. Hormones, influence the function of glands to: regulate metabolism, nutrient supply and appetite, growth and development, reproduction and asexual differentiation, tissue function, stress response, sleep and mood. Some of the hormones that will be discussed include: thyroid hormones, sex hormones e.g. oestrogen and progesterone, appetite regulating hormones e.g. leptin and ghrelin, along with many more. Each hormone will be discussed in terms of the relevance of and the contribution they make to every day aspects of life such as, regulating food intake, managing stress and promoting better sleep, all of which are essential components to achieving fat loss.

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Andrea Shepherd MSc, PGCE, BSc (Hons), DipHE, FHEA, RNIs a lecturer in nursing at Ulster University and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has worked in the fields of trauma and orthopaedics and critical care, becoming a specialist practitioner before moving into the field of education. She currently takes a lead role in pre-registration nursing and teaches anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. She also in an Advanced Life Support Instructor, teaching life support courses in both the university and Health and Social Care Trusts. She is co-author of the text book: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing Practice, a core text used in many nursing courses throughout the UK. In her spare time she enjoys a variety of sport, having played rugby and gaelic football and continues to play camogie. She also attends the gym for weight training and strength and conditioning sessions. She takes a keen interest in all aspects of training and nutrition.


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