Martin Harrison – Fitting Fitness and The Law Of Action



Martin Harrison, Owner of Fitting Fitness, speaking at Irish Muscle Power…

The Law of Action

I plan on making this the last business/mindset seminar you’ll ever need to attend!!!

I’m going to dial deep into topics such as:

The Power of Taking Action
Fraudulent Mentors
Reacting Instead of Acting
Your WHY
Productivity Hacks

And many many more! I will be telling you all the biggest mistakes that I have made on my journey so far, and how I have taken Fitting Fitness from a garden shed to a 10 team strong company in just 2 years.

All the information I will be passing on and topics I will be covering will be relevant right now and in today’s world/market! I’m not some 40-year-old EX CEO telling you how he did it 20 years ago, I’m a 25-year-old who is in the trenches daily, using modern principles, techniques and knowledge. That’s what I will be talking about!

So come by my talk, say what’s up, and lets light that fire inside of you, so that you never have to look back and think… ‘What if?’

Martin Harrison
Owner – Fitting Fitness

My name is Martin Harrison and I am the proud owner of Fitting Fitness. This brand and its core values are an extension of my own which is something I strongly believe every business should be!

I am a 25-year-old social entrepreneur who believes in doing the work, getting your mind right and enjoying the process.

A lot of people get caught up waiting for the perfect time to start whenever the perfect time always was and always will be now! Start imperfectly and learn daily!

I started my journey alone just over 2 years ago and today I get to share it with one of my best mates doing what we love every day and helping others as we go.

Loving what we do is a huge part of how we have grown and that is the message we want to share!

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