OFFICIAL Europe’s Strongest Man Strongman Championships 105kg Final



29th July – Europe’s Strongest Man 105kg

12 qualified / invited athletes will be tested in 6 events of extreme strength to find the Official Europe’s Strongest Man u105kg 2017.

All athletes will be selected from national qualifiers and profiles. Each athlete must have an active registered active profile with to secure entry.

Weigh-in & Athlete’s meeting

Official weigh-in will open at 1pm on 28 th July at the venue – (24 hours prior to contest start time). Athletes must be 105kg or under at this time. The weigh is done in witnessed view so respectable shorts must be worn (same as MMA). Any athlete failing to make weight will be given time to make weight. All athletes must weigh 105kg or less at official weigh in.

Athletes meeting will take place at 2.30pm at the venue this will take maximum one hour.

Contest Format

Athletes must be present at the arena at 11.30 – Introductions start at 12.00 show will commence 12.20 – so please leave enough time to warm up.

Athletes will receive a plus one 2 day pass in welcome packs coaches / family will have a designated area but must refrain from entering the arena.

Running order will be decided initially by names out of a hat then will be based on position in last event – until final event when pairings will be made based on overall points / or where athletes are closely pitched for positions – in the event of uneven numbers &/or dropout the last place from previous event or selection will run alone.

Events Max Axle press
Frame Carry 320kg 20m + 20m – time / distance 75 secs
Head to head Deadlift – 300kg reps (standard bar) 75 seconds
Loading Race – 4 objects onto 40in platform 10m run in – 75 seconds
Hercules hold x 2 cars on sloped ramps – max time
Atlas Stones – 100kg to 180kg
Titles Europes Strongest Man U105KG

30th July – Giants Live Open Qualifier

Open competition in which the winner will qualify to Full Giants Live event ( WSM Qualifier event ). Further details can be seen here: Giants Live Open Qualifier 2017

Events Car Dead lift side handles / Straps allowed – 330 / 340kg
Super Yoke 420kg 20m + 20m – time / distance 75 secs
Head to Head Dumbell press 100kg –
Loading Race – 4 objects onto 40in platform 10m run in – 75 seconds
Frame Carry 320 – Duck Walk 220 return 20m
Atlas Stones – 180kg repetitions
Titles Winning athlete receive invitation to a Full Giants Live Event
Prizes 1 st place £500.00 Plus Giants live invitation
2 nd place £250.00
3 rd £100.00
4 th £50.00

Travel & Accommodation

How to get to EUROPE’S STRONGEST MAN OFFICIAL STRONGMAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 105KG FINAL held at Irish Muscle Power 2017 – directions.