Introducing the Irish Muscle Power Education Institute

We have 3 of the top fitness industry specialist educating you for one day at IMP2017.

We are super excited to bring you our latest and most exciting new product to IMP2017. On Sunday 30th July we launch our first ever Education Institute for Personal Trainers presented by Phil Graham, Mark Coles and Sean McGarrity.

10am – 12pm : Phil Graham and Mark Coles will present a 2-hour master class on nutrition, training and online business promotion. You will learn new idea’s, the do’s and don’ts, helping write programmes and how to retain customers and gain new ones.

12.30 – 2pm : Sean McGarrity will explain how to massively boost your business and income.

1) The one sales script Sean developed specifically for selling high ticket PT packages with 100% close rate and
over 500, 000 in Sales (this year) and how you can use it too (even if you’ve never sold anything before)

2) The 3D Selling system, Sean created that makes newbie sales people close on autopilot
That works even if you’ve never sold anything in your life OR find it hard to ask for Money

3) Let Sean walk you through how he close’s 500,000 in sales each year all over Ireland using one simple
Sales Script that works even if you’ve never sold anything in your life.

4) How Sean went from broke, on benefits with no house then (Using This simple sales & Marketing Formula) onto company director of the fastest growing Fitness Educators in Ireland with 3 Sites across Ireland and a high-end Gym in just 6 Years … Let me walk you through how you can use it.

The Education Institute is only £59 (early bird special price for the first 10 days release. Tickets will return to £79 after the early bird release) and this includes your entrance into the Expo also. Please book your tickets here

TICKET PRICE £59 BOOK NOW : ONLINE BOOKING using code EARLYBIRDPT at the booking checkout.