Irish Log Lift & Deadlift Championships 2019-03-22T11:54:28+00:00

Irish Log Lift & Deadlift Championships

Irish records will be broken across a range of weight categories with a large field of both male and female competitors.

Calling all Powerlifters, Strongmen  cross fitters & weight lifters!!! This is your chance to challenge for the title of best Dead- Lifters and Log Pressers in Ireland!! Or simply push for your own personal PB!

Beginners & new comers welcome – are going to run special flight for newbies in log  & deadlift.

Athletes can lift in one or more category – this must be stated at registration.

We apply the same rules used at the World’s Strongest Man but must pick the weights for your 3 lifts – additional lifts will be allowed only as record attempt –

Rules are simple!

Max deadlift

– Standard bar deadlift using calibrated weight!
– Any suit allowed
– Straps allowed
– Basic hitching allowed (Extreme hitching or bar resting not allowed for obvious safety reasons.
– The bar must remain in the hands until weight returned to floor (You can’t drop the bar!)
– Athletes can three attempts max inside 45 seconds unless stopped by the ref  – then your out!

Log lift

From floor to overhead – opening weights will be agreed at athletes meeting 3 lifts – increments must be given to scorer’s table in a timely manor.  Additional lifts will only be allowed for record attempts

– Lock out
– Feet in line
– Hold till the down signal
– Safe return to floor – NO DROPPING
– Elbow supports are acceptable but only one pair!

Do you want the ultimate bragging rights?

We will also (subject to interest) have record attempts on the Axle – in all weigh divisions

Athletes can pick events or do all this must be confirmed when registering.


Catergorys are :-


Mens junior cup (23 or under)


u64kg – light
u82kg – Mid
0ver 82kg – 0pen

Biggest Deadlift (non wilkes)
Biggest Log press (non wilkes)

Awards also for:-

Best combined lift total log & deadlift combined (wilkes)

£30.00 entry or 35.00 euro – This covers you to lift in both Dead Lift and Log Lift or anyone of these events singularly. This also covers your full access Expo entry and competition t-shirt.

Payable via paypal to – please add a note for your weight category – T shirt size & the events entered.

Trophies for class winners –

Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places