Guest Speaker : Brian O’Loughran

Guest Speaker : Brian O’Loughran

Movement 101

  • Sick of the same stiffness in your low back & hips?
  • Tired of foam rolling everyday with no long term relief?
  • Confused as to how best improve your movement capacity going forward?

Movement 101 will run through a 45 minute workshop detailing movements of the spine & hips.

These two major areas are where the majority of people suffer with tightness & limitation.

You will learn simple movements to begin incorporating daily & leave with a program you are encouraged to follow for life.

The aim with the workshop is to empower, educate & give you the tools to take real ownership of your body.

Brian will finish with a Q&A section at the end to answer individual questions.

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

Find out with Movement 101.


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Ireland’s very own premier family-friendly health and fitness expo is back and bigger than ever. Sunday 3rd June is THE date for your diary and see’s the return of the growing exhibition for fitness, health and supplements brands in Ireland – featured at the NATIONAL SHOW CENTRE in Dublin – The P15 IMP2018 is going to be a fantastic date for everyone from Ireland and Northern Ireland to celebrate all things fitness related!

Tickets will be available on the door, priced €25 euro’s per person. No group discounts or discount codes can be used when paying via cash or card at entry.
We need to get people in swiftly and safely.