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Dr. Dean St. Mart PhD is a competitive national and international level bodybuilder coming from a background in martial arts. He completed his studies at National University of Ireland Maynooth and holds a First Class Double Honors Degree in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry as well as a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

One of Dean’s main interests is now in functional medicine and he has a huge fascination with alternative and natural supplementation. His current belief is that there has become too much of a reliance on modern day conventional medicine and that a strict, sensible approach to nutrition is the answer to aid and alleviate a lot of the disease occurring within society.

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Conventional Modern Medicine Vs. Functional Integrative Medicine. Is there more to medicine than just a Pill for an Ill?

Within, Dr Dean is going to delve into how modern conventional medicine paradigm is flawed and why a new modern approach to medicine known as functional medicine/personalised medicine should start to be considered as the new paradigm.  

He will discuss modern day drug design and its flaws and how drug metabolism should be tailored to an individual.

Dr Dean will also take an objective view of comparing conventional vs functional medicine practice towards Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular Disease, Thyroid dysfunction, Depression and Sleep.

The aim of the talk will be to hopefully show you a new outlook towards your own health in a world where there is a worrying reliance and safeguard thought process to medication.


  1. What is Modern Medicine.
  2. What is Functional Medicine.
  3. Modern Day Drug Design and its flaws.
  4. Drug Metabolism and how it should be tailored to the individual.
  5. Blood tests and “functional ranges”
  6. Genetic testing.
  7. Brief overview touching on
    a. Thyroid dysfunction
    b. Depression.
    c. Sleep.
    d. Dyslipidemia and Heart Disease.

Tickets will be available on the door, priced €25 euro’s per person. No group discounts or discount codes can be used when paying via cash or card at entry.
We need to get people in swiftly and safely.